Paint The Town
Season Three: 23rd - 29th October 2017

The Admiral's Tea Party

The Admiral's Tea Party


Wordsmithery & Paint The Town Festival presents:

The Admiral’s Tea Party


Join Wordsmithery for a family friendly tea party and history walk inspired by Medway's naval and military history. Poetry, music, tea and cupcakes!

Commissioned for The Paint The Town Festival.  

So bring a picnic and join us for tea and cakes on the Admiral’s Lawn!

Event Information

Saturday 8 July 2017, 2-4pm

The Lower Lines Park, Gillingham, ME4 4HZ


the history of the lower lines

The Lower Lines in Gillingham was the last section of the Chatham Lines to be constructed. The works were started in 1803 in advance of the Napoleonic Wars. Construction started during the Napoleonic Wars, consisting of a series of deep brick ditches with ramparts. Gun emplacements added later provided places for artillery during WW2. The ditches provided a training ground for the Royal Engineers.

In the 1907 Sir Gerard Noel, the Admiral of the Fleet, took up residence in a grand house overlooking the river in the Lower Lines Park, where he used to host fabulous tea parties on the lawn. The house no longer exists, but Wordsmithery are recreating one of those tea parties, where you can bring a picnic and go on their guided walk through the Lower Lines Park with a cast of characters drawn from history.


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